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My Gulay Wow Betchay Ends Today

May 21, 2009

Precious Hearts Romances presents Bud Brothers Series and My Gulay Wow Betchay ends today to give way to the new episode in one of the Bud Brothers once again.

The first one was the story of Jake Cuenca with Cristine Reyes in Stupid Cupid and then the  nest story was between Rafael Rosel and Mariel Rodriguez in My Gulay Wow Betchay.

The new episode of Bud Brothers ends today to give way to another episode which will feature John Pratts and Denise Laurel, one of my personal crushes in the showbiz industry today. I hope this will be another great story to watch each afternoon.

My wife gigled with Betchay and so I hope to feel the same with Denise Laurel and John Pratts. Denise is truly a big crush for me so I am looking forward to see the whole episodes just like how excited we were when 4:00 pm comes.

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